Only Use A Professional Bail Bonds Firm In Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills Bail Bonds is an experienced, professional, and compassionate bail bonds company, that assists defendants, and their families, with having an individual released from custody. Dedicated to the needs of their clients, our professional and highly trained staff are available to assist you right when you need it.

Setting our company apart from the rest is our commitment to providing the very best bail bond services in the industry. We will even work in with each client on an individual basis, as each case and situation is different. This personalized service ensures that the client is assured of getting the personal attention they need, and the most important thing of all, getting the defendant home to their family.

When searching for the ideal bail bonds firm, it is always advised to do a little research. It is more beneficial to do the research before you actually need a bail bonds company to cut down on valuable time when seeking to have a defendant released.

What to look for in a professional bail bonds company:

  • Licensed. It is illegal for any bail bonds company, or bail bond agent to operate within the state of California, without a valid license.

  • Bail Bond Fee. It is illegal for any bail bonds company to offer fees below 10%. Bail bond fees are set by the California Department of Insurance. Any company promising to charge less, is operating illegally.

  • Read The Contract. Make sure you read the bail bond contract thoroughly before signing it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. A professional bail bonds company will always answer them honestly, and explain everything thoroughly.

  • No False Promises. A professional bail bonds company will never guarantee the amount of bail before it is set. They can also not guarantee that bail will be granted at all. That is the determination of a judge, not a bail bonds company.

  • Service. A professional bail bonds company will always try to work in with their clients, by providing great services. They are not there to grab your money and run. Find out what services are available, and if any suit your individual needs, before committing to anything.

If you, or someone you love has been arrested, you need to call a professional, experienced and reputable bail bonds company. Call Woodland Hills Bail Bonds on (818) 303-2906. We will be there at any hour of the day or night to help you right when you need it the most. You can read even more important information on our website.